Reading with… Rieko Muroya

Rieko Muroya lives in Nagoya (Japan) where she works at the overseas department of a Japanese manufacture company. She visited the Basque Country last spring, from the 30th April to the 7th May. That’s when a common friend of bookhunterblog and Rieko saw her Japanese-Basque textbook, which was the origin of this international, cross-cultural and email-conducted brief interview.
Instead of sending a picture of herself reading, Rieko sent bookhunterblog a drawing of herself, which illustrates the interview, together with some pictures of the Japanese-Basque textbook and a picture of the book she recommends, a Japanese manga titled «Team Medical Dragon».
Rieko’s famous Japanese-Basque textbook.
bookhunterblog: Do you read a lot?
Rieko: Yes I do.
b: Which genres / authors / styles… do you like best?
R: Non-fiction, arts…
b: Where do you buy your books?
R: Amazon.
b: What’s your favorite time / place to read?
R: Café, home, bathroom.
b: Have you read any Basque / Spanish authors?
R: No.
b: Do you expect to read in Basque / Spanish some time?
R: I hope so, but my Spanish level is very beginner.
b: Why did you decide to learn Basque?
R: To visit the Basque Country, to communicate with people and sometimes it makes them happy when I speak the local language. And also, it is a useful topic that we can share with when we meet someone for the first time abroad.
b: What’s the Basque-Japanese textbook about?
R: Simple conversation and strategy of Basque language grammar.
b: Is there any book you would like to recommend to the readers of bookhunterblog?
R: Actually it’s a Japanese manga, called «Team Medical Dragon” in English. You can find it on Amazon.
b: Could you please read (write) the first line of the book?
R: It is a story of a Japanese medical care but also refers a best team work as a professional.
The cover of the Japanese-Basque textbook / Rieko / «Team Medical Dragon».

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2 respuestas a Reading with… Rieko Muroya

  1. Ekhiñe dijo:

    Gora bookhunterblog!

    Me gusta

  2. Gora bookhunterblog hasta Nagoya!! Jajaja. Mila esker Ekhiñe!!

    Me gusta

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